We provide chasing-the-sunset coverage

CAA Insurance keeps you worry-free by making sure you have the right auto insurance

Coverage needs can change, So make sure you have the right protection.

Make sure your auto insurance still meets your needs.

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Take control of your auto insurance and save more!

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CAA Connect

CAA Connect®.

CAA Connect rewards safe drivers. You could save 5% on your CAA Auto Insurance premium by enrolling today. CAA Members save even more!

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Ontario Auto Reforms.

Ontario Auto Reforms gives you more choice over coverage and price. As a result, your Statutory Accident Benefits have changed.

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Forgive and Forget®.

With CAA’s Forgive and Forget plan, you can protect the good driving record you’ve earned over the years. It’s another way to show we care.

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Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save.

Get a 5% discount on auto insurance and up to 12.5% on home insurance when you bundle! Be sure to check your ‘Discount Summary’ once you get your quote to find out how much you can save.

File a Claim

File a Claim.

Let us make filing a claim easier for you. Get quick, efficient service when you call any of our dedicated claims lines.

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Winter Tire Discount.

Winter Tire Discount.

You’ll receive a 5% discount on your CAA Auto Insurance premium if your vehicle is equipped with four winter tires.

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